The first five students of Radley to take the Oxford and Cambridge Entrance Certificate

Edward Bickersteth Cooper, born 1855, the son of Rev. John Edward Cooper, Rector of Forncett, Norfolk, formerly Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge. Came to Radley in Michaelmas Term 1870. In 1874 he was Senior Prefect, rowed for the VIII and played for the Football XII. He went up to Keble College, Oxford in 1875, taking a 2nd Class in Classical Mods in 1876, and 3rd Cl. Literae Humaniores and BA in 1878. He took Holy Orders in 1890. He worked as Chaplain and Assistant Master at Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon in 1888, then as Headmaster of Amersham Grammar School, Buckinghamshire from 1889 until 1897. He later held curacies at Baxterley and Lancaster. In 1888 he married Elizabeth Althua, daughter of Edward Fisher of Stratford-upon-Avon. He died at Norwich on 13th May 1908

Alfred Percival Moore, born 1858, the son of Rev. William Burton Moore, Vicar of Evington, Leicestershire. Came to Radley in Summer Term 1873. He was awarded the James Scholarship, and won the History Essay Prize. He left Radley in 1876, when he won a Scholarship to Wadham College, Oxford. At Oxford he took 2nd Class in Classical Mods in 1878, and 1st Class in Lit. Hum. In 1880. He was Classical Lecturer at Wadham College, 1881-82. He was a student at the Middle Temple in 1881, qualifying as a solicitor in 1887. He practised law in Leicester and Peterborough. He was Registrar for the Archdeaconry of Leicester from 1896 until 1911, Legal Secretary and Acting Registrar for Peterborough Diocese, 1903-11, and Hon. Sec. of the Archidiaconal Board of Education 1901-11. He was a frequent contributor to the Antiquary and other publications of archaeological societies. He died at Leicester on 15th February 1911.

John Drummond Robertson, born 1857, the son of Archibald David Robertson of the Bombay Civil Service. Came to Radley in Lent Term 1872. He was awarded the James Scholarship. He left Radley in 1874 and went up to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1875, taking his BA in 1879. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society in 1876. He published A handbook to the coinage of Scotland. In 1890 he married Caecilie, daughter of Oberst-Leutnant von Westrell of the Prussian Hussars. He died at Torquay on 10th October 1934

Alfred Edmund Wigan, born 1856, the son of Rev. William Lewis Wigan of Clare House, Kent, and Vicar of East Malling. Came to Radley in Summer Term 1870. He was a Prefect, and won the History Essay Prize. He rowed for the VIII in 1873. He left in 1874, and won an Exhibition to Keble College, Oxford. He took a 4th Class Lit. Hum and BA in 1878. He trained as a Barrister at the Middle Temple in 1882, and practised on the Chancery side until 1887. He was an Underwriter for Lloyd’s from 1887 until 1899. He then went to Jamaica as a planter. He spent the rest of his life in Jamaica, serving as Commissioner for St Catherine’s in 1920, and nominated as a Member of the Legislative Council in 1921. He was a JP for St Catherine’s. In 1888 he married Alice Maud, daughter of George Graham, of Yardley, Worcs. He died at Spanish Town, Jamaica on 20th November 1940

Bernard Robert Wilson, born 1857, the son of Rev. Robert Francis Wilson, Vicar of Rownhams, Hants and Prebendary of Salisbury. Came to Radley in Summer Term 1868. He was awarded the Gibbs Scholarship 1872, Heathcote Scholarship 1873, James Scholarship 1874, the Worsley Prize 1874, the History Essay Prize 1876, the Richards Gold Medal and was Senior Prefect in 1876. He left in 1876. He was awarded a Scholarship to Keble College, Oxford in 1876. He took 2nd Class in Mathematical Mods. in 1877, 2nd Class in Classical Mods. also in 1877, and 2nd Class in Lit. Hum. and BA in 1880. He went to Leeds Classical School in 1881-2, taking Holy Orders in 1882. He served as Chaplain to the Bishop of Brisbane from 1885 until 1891, concurrently serving as Vicar of St John’s Pro-Cathedral, Brisbane 1887-91. He then returned to England and served as Rector of Kettering 1892-8; Rural Dean of Weldon, 1894-8; Rector of St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green, and Head of Oxford House 1898-1901; Vicar of Portsea 1901-9; Rural Dean of Portsmouth, 1905; Hon. Canon of Winchester 1907. He died at Portsmouth on 17th October 1909.

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