The rules of football as played at Radley College 1867

Radley Rule's

The rules of football as played at Radley College. Revised and re-arranged, October 1867.

Selwyn Freer’s copy. Selwyn Freer played for the XII in 1874-75. He was a good sportsman who also played for the cricket team, and competed in fives and golf. After Radley, he went to Trinity College, Oxford, where he achieved a First in Modern History, and was then ordained. In the 1880s he served as a missionary in the Cape Colony in South Africa, and then in California, eventually becoming incumbent of St Michael’s, Boston, Natal, SA. He married Mary Bruce in 1897. He died as the result of an accident in Natal on 7th November 1905.

As a footballer: in 1874, The Radleian described him as ‘…but our kicking is still very weak; in this department, Freer, we think, is about the best, though at times he is apt to get wild…’; and in 1876, describing the ‘Characters of the XII’ – ‘S.C.Freer. A good ‘half-back’, dribbles well, keeping the ball well to him. Should think more of the ‘pace.’’

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