The Talbot Brothers

Charles Alexander Price Talbot. Born 1842.  Son of Hon. Gerald Chetwynd Talbot, 7th son of Earl Talbot,Director-General, Military Store Dept, India Office and Secretary to Lord Canning.  Charles entered Radley in September 1854.  He became the Senior Prefect, rowed for the VIII in 1859-60 and played for the Football XV in 1859.  He left Radley in 1860.  He served in the 14th Hussars from 1860-1865.  He continued rowing, and won the Grand Challenge Cup at Henley for Kingston Rowing Club in 1864.  He entered the Diplomatic Corps and was Consul for the Society Islands 1885-9; at Taganrog 1889-90; Corunna 1895-1902; Boston, USA 1902-3.  In 1876 he married Maud, daughter of Quentin Fleming, of Chapelville, Liverpool.  He died at Boston on 11th December 1903.


The Talbot Letters were first shown to AK Boyd by Charles’ daughter, Geraldine and his son Chetwynd’s widow.  Geraldine Talbot wrote of him in 1951:

While [at Radley] he made a fine record and ended as Senior Prefect, very highly thought of by the Warden Dr Sewell and by the Masters as testified in these letters I am sending you to see.  My grandparents must indeed have been proud when they received them and I assure you he fulfilled all the promise of his youth.   [Geraldine Talbot to AK Boyd, September 17th 1951]

Gerald Henry Talbot.  Born 1843.  Entered Radley with his brother in September 1854.  Rowed for the VIII in 1861 and played for the Football XV in 1860. He left Radley in 1861.  He served in the 60th Rifles 1863-4, but after we have no later career information for him.  In 1880 he married Frieda, daughter of Wilhelm von Sigelken.  He died in London in March 1910


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