Examinees 1870s

Hubert Witherby, born 1857, came to Radley in 1869.  Heft in 1872 and went to Cheltenham College.  He died in Melbourne, Australia in 1875

Ernest Bristowe, born 1859, came to Radley in 1873.  Called ‘mus’ (minimus) because he had two older brothers in the school.  Played for the Cricket and Football teams in 1874-76.  After school he became a member of the Stock Exchange

Charles Gunning, born 1859, came to Radley in 1871. Left 1876.  Became a soldier, serving with the Durham Light Infantry in the Second South African War. He served in WW1 with the rank of temp. Brigadier-General

Cecil Collings, born 1863, came to Radley in 1872. Left 1876.  Became a soldier serving with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, eventually reaching the rank of Major.