‘Friend and benefactor’: Selwyn Oxley and the caravan for the deaf

There is a undated photograph of Warden Adam Fox in the archives. It shows him wearing cap and gown, seated on the steps of a horse-drawn caravan with the hand-written caption ‘Headmaster of St Peter’s College Radley visiting the van.’ An unidentified man looks out from the interior. Until recently, there was nothing to tell us where, when or why this photo was taken, apart from narrowing it down to the short wardenship of Fox himself, from 1918 until 1924. Then a few years ago Old Radleian John Hudson drew our attention to a collection of postcards for sale by auction. They were described as a’ visit to Radley College by ‘Ephphatha’ – Mr Selwyn Oxley’s caravan for the deaf.’ >>>read on >>>

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