Soccer Victory on Youtube 2011

Item no 3 in our list of 100 objects is technically not an object at all. There are several related objects which could tell the story, but none so well as witnessing the real event – the tension, the passion, the heart-break, the nail-biting finish of a penalty shoot-out, and all set to the pounding rhythms of Oasis and The Black Eyed Peas. This is communication in the 21st century – immediate, shared, interactive, jointly constructed by players, coaches and spectators.

But there is more to this story than technology. This is a story over twenty years in the making. This is a story about soccer versus rugger, about amateur versus professional, about the reliability of the official record, about suppression, about class division, about mythology and journalism. Above all, about triumph – a triumph achieved after one hundred years. And about how Radley College Association Football Club won the LB Cup. To read more click here.

LATEST NEWS In March 2016 Radley Soccer XI won the LB Cup for the second time in the Club’s history, beating Habersdashers’ in the final on penalties. Review  and video of the match on the school website.  They successfully defended their title in 2017 against Oakham. So have now won the LB Cup Final two years in a row.

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